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Bernadett Hegyvári

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1975, Budapest

1994-1999 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest

2020 X. Kortárs Keresztény Ikonográfiai Biennálé Nagydíja, Kecskemét
2020 NKA Alkotói ösztöndíj 2017 NKA Alkotói ösztöndíj
2015 A Janus Pannonius Múzeum és a Dél Pannon Múzeumokért Egyesület Díja
2002 Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers Student Díja

Artworks in public collections
Glasmuseum Frauenau, Germany
Glasdepot Höltingshof, Lette, Germany

Selected group and solo exhibitions
2020 Frauenau Glasmuseum, Frauenau, Germany
2020 48th International , Habatat Gallery, USA Michigan
2020 X. Kortárs Keresztény Ikonográfiai Biennálé, Kecskemét, Hungary
2019 Glasdepot Höltingshof, Lette, Germany
2018 Contemporary Hungarian Fine art, touring show, China
2017 HuGlass, Bazilika, Budapest

Artist’ statement
Although I work with glass, which is normally considered as a material of the applied arts, I create sculptures. Sculptures that are a cross between painting and three dimensional works, therefore putting them into a category is very difficult which is one of my aims. Not being one or the other creates a gentle tension which makes me curious. The game of up and down enhances the uncertainty and allows the viewer to understand the “picture” through the two versions. I am inspired by the sharp light and the uncertain positioning of the elements on the 17th century dutch and spanish still life paintings. I like that certain elements are hardly seen whlist others are right ( literally) on the edge. I like this game of hide and seek. It questions the way we see things and the way we create meaning. Light in these paintings is essential as it is for glass and so it is for me.